Monomoy Road

Cape and Islands

Surveying his new lot after purchase, this buyer discovered that he had twice the area he anticipated. We realigned the driveway and straightened the parking so they made sense. New gardens around the Monomoy Road house made it all feel extraordinary. On the newfound stretch running behind the neighbors, we designed a custom pool with a special shallow ledge for hanging out, a treatment similar to what we’d enjoyed at the Delano in Miami Beach. The shallow zone is one of those classic art deco elements that could go anywhere. The pool has a lane for laps, a seat bench all around, and a detached Jacuzzi spa. There’s a writer’s loft anchoring the end of the yard where another historical thriller novel gets the attention it deserves.


Chip Webster Architecture, Ferrantella Landscaping, Sam Hill Construction, Viola Pools, and Nantucket Fences.

Total Project Cost: $680k


Exploiting slopes in the zone between the pool and house gives another dimension to the sequence of spaces one passes through. Gateways and transitions are equally important as the place they open onto.

Set Away

Locating the pool a distance from the house creates areas of distinct character, and the feeling of a larger, more interesting property.

More to Come

A writers loft is projected for the far end of the property, past a flight of steps up to a fountain beneath a pergola. Many of our projects are phased over several years.

Project Lead

David Bartsch

DBLA understood the goal and made sure the contractor delivered. It was a solid design. David Bartsch did a great job with the Conservation Commission.
K. Curran

CEO of national printer manufacturer

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