Little Island Road

Cape and Islands

On the end of a peninsula overlooking Buzzards Bay and the Atlantic, we met every known protected environmental resource – from eroding coastal bluffs to bordering vegetated wetlands, to freshwater marshes. The entire Little Island Road property sits within a velocity flood zone. We achieved everything our client wanted from the Conservation Commission and the Building Department. The home and pool cabana are on stilts so as not to be washed away in a freak storm, and the various project parts fit like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. We oriented the buildings and outdoor spaces to exploit the open views and to block winds. Accomplishing an expansive feel with great indoor-outdoors connections, it was a special challenge to shoehorn the house, garage, driveway, cabana, pool, and spa into the limited space. Custom-designed wrought fences styled after classic Beacon Hill Juliet balconies bring a link to their city home. Nature creeps right up to the living spaces for a cottage nestled in the woods by the bay.


Chip Webster Architects, Viola Associates (swimming pool and spa), and Francisco Tavares Inc. (landscape construction).

Total Project Cost: $975k

Resources Galore

The protected natural resources controlled by the Conservation Commission include bordering vegetated wetlands, a velocity flood zone, an eroding coastal bank, and salt water marshes. We were able to create an extraordinary setting while respecting all of the protected resources.

Changes in Elevation

Whenever we have the opportunity to work with changes in grade, it’s a chance to make things more interesting. From ramps to walls to steps to sloped ground and terraces, using plantings and light and often water courses, the options are limitless.

Simple Outdoors

The railing design is derived from Beacon Hill Juliet balconies, the kitchen gives just the basics outside a fully equipped home kitchen, and the steps down to the pool accentuate the different functions of the two spaces.

Project Lead

David Bartsch

DBLA understood the goal and made sure the contractor delivered. It was a solid design. David Bartsch did a great job with the Conservation Commission.
K. Curran

CEO of national printer manufacturer

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