Bristol Community College

Fall River

Bristol Community College knew that first impressions matter. They hired us to develop a Master Plan to revamp the campus. With input from faculty, staff, and students, we redefined campus edges, internal courtyards, quads, paths, and gathering spaces. We developed strategies to improve campus gateways, building access, and to strengthen the hierarchy of ways and open spaces, improved wayfinding, and a sense of belonging and value for everyone. Now, first-time applicant visitors think “I want to go to school here!”.


Greenscape Landscapes, Inc. (maintenance consultant), E. Ann Poole (ecologist), and Nitsch Engineering (civil and survey consultants).

Total Projected Campus Improvement Costs: $10,950,000

Design Guidelines Offer a Way

Determining a consistency in walkways, drives, plantings, building setbacks, and furnishings allow a campus to become more legible and comfortable for all of its users.

Attention to Individual Landscapes

Building and open spaces were assessed relative to the drives, parking, walkways, and entries that serve them. Budget- and maintenance-conscious improvements that helped beautify the campus were recorded in the Master Plan.

Categorizing Landscape Functions

Understanding how people want to use a site, especially one that is under renovation, was done effectively through focus groups and stakeholder interviews, and mapping results with different hierarchies into easily understood graphics.

Project Lead

David Bartsch

Very difficult project. David was creative, reliable, and technically expert. We did not get a second quote, David was it.
S. Matarese

Business Administrator for a private medical/surgical practice

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