Brewster Road

Cape and Islands

When the Brewster Road client said they wanted a pool in their back yard, it didn’t seem all that remarkable. Then we saw the site. They wanted their pool on a steep and inaccessible hill covered with 8’-high brambles and thorns. I mapped the topography and in the end, we leveled a terrace and held it up with seventy-foot-long retaining walls. A construction path allowed excavators to clear and grade and dig the hole, and a pump truck with a 125’ boom delivered the swimming pool concrete over the house for the gunite operator. With the pool excavation, grading, and fill required for the project, we designed the landscape for balanced final grading. No need to import fill or cart away excess earth. Black wire pool fences are tucked into shrubbery and out of sight so the place functions as an open, airy oasis.


Mike Lamb Excavation, Tom Gilroy Electric, Liuzetti Pools, G&M Landscaping, Cape Cod Concrete Pumping, Ellis & Schneider Electric, Harbor Fuel, Henry Varian Masonry, Nantucket Fences, and Doug Seholm – Pool equipment shed.

Total Project Cost: $313k

A Terraced Retreat

Wonderful for entertaining, staying cool on hot summer days, or simply viewing from the house.

An Interesting Installation

Rather than ruin mature plantings around the house to construct the swimming pool, materials were carted in and we chose to pump the concrete over the house.

Beautiful in All Seasons

When designing a custom setting, we take all seasons and potential conditions into account for a landscape to be enjoyed no matter what comes our way.

Project Lead

David Bartsch

Very good design emerged… it was on schedule and within expected expenditures. To implement the aesthetic qualities of the design, it was important that the designer oversee the construction crew. Environmentally conscious and innovative.
D. Brown

Senior Vice President/Public Policy and General Counsel of a national media association, retired

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