Barstow Road

Cape and Islands

Set into a hollow, the tennis court surface slopes are dead-on. The grading machine skims the surface and a computerized laser controller lifts and drops the machine’s blades. This creates a perfect pitch. With the play surface installed, the fencing goes up and the net is raised, they have a beautiful place to play. After a hard day on the court, they have a spot to hang on the new back patio with a cold drink. A better aligned driveway and fresh gardens at the front give a more welcoming entrance. The landscape conveys a clear sense that this owner cares. This family’s property maintains its bucolic feel with a sharp line between living spaces and the forest, between the sacred and the profane.


Doug Seholm Construction, Cape and Islands Tennis and Track, Blackwell & Associates (survey), Toscana (earthwork), Ferrantella Landscaping, and Peter Zimmerman Architects.

Total Project Cost: $272k

Inviting & Private Entryway

A clear structure of paths and entries doesn’t need to feel public or lose its sense of discovery.

Secluded Tennis Court

A private tennis court, nestled into a hillside and embraced by native pines, allows no distractions.

A Well-Functioning Driveway

An easily maneuverable and convenient driveway can change a property from vaguely irritating to warmly anticipated.

Project Lead

David Bartsch

The best decision we made was to hire David’s company.
H. Segalas

Director of factory development for worldwide consumer products corporation, retired

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